Saturday, January 19, 2013

Event 4: Monster Swings

$500 + $60 Big Stack PLO - High (Re-Entry) 

Joseph Mancuso doubled up through Shaun Bennani.  Joseph was up to 880k, but Shaun was still in good shape with ~1.3 million.

Then Shaun and Ken Rudernman got to the river with a board of T T 3 K 5.  Shaun bet 150k and Ken shoved for 615k.

After some thought, Shaun folded, showing a Ten (trips).

Ken showed on the A9 of clubs (busted flush draw) as he scooped the pot.  He still claims he only had two pair (pocket Aces to go with the Tens on board).

Then Shaun and Ken tangled again.

On a flop of K 8 7 rainbow, Shaun checked, Ken bet pot (90k), Shaun check-raised-pot for 270k on top.  Ken called.  Turn was a T and Shaun shoved.  Ken snap-called all-in.

Shaun: KKQ2 - top set
Ken: QJT9 - straight and monster wrap

Ken needed to avoid the board pairing on the river.  When a 3 came, Ken doubled up to over 2.3 million.

Shaun was left with only 50k.  He got all-in and doubled up, then picked up another small pot, so he's back to about 200k.

Blinds Up:  25k/50k.

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