Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Event 22 Recap

$400 + $50 No Limit Hold'em (Re-Entry)

Borgata Winter Poker Open event 22 is in the books with Tony Ruberto (Boston, MA) edging out George Cain (Kings Park, NY) in a quick heads-up match lasting only 6 hands.  Tony takes home the $450 No Limit Hold'em title, trophy, and $25,093 first place prize.

His hand of the tournament was when his new favorite hand, 4-5, flopped a full-house after he jammed his last 65,000 pre-flop from the big blind and was called down by Joe Wagner's (Zebulon, NC) A-4.

"I was short for most of the final table but once I ran it down I kept the lead" explained poker professional Tony Ruberto.

The tournament kicked off in the Event Center at 11AM and was held adjacent to the WPT Borgata Winter Poker Open Championship event all day long.  Of the participants in this event were many that had been eliminated from the Championship earlier, including our winner.  "I busted the Championship then came in here to blow off some steam," explained Ruberto.  It apparently worked because he grabbed an early chip lead and was one of the first to 60,000.

Amongst the 231 entries was a field of familiar faces including David Heck, Chris Farley, Shaun Cunix, Cotton Snuffer, Andrew Klein (22nd $807), Kevin McColgan (11th $1,165) and 3 time Borgata Poker Open title holder Howard Wolper (26th $807). The last woman standing went to Dawn Lucarelli, as she cashed in 25th place for $807.

Players started with 15,000 chips and battled the felt vying for a slice of the $92,400 prize pool.

But once again when the dust finally settled, it was Tony Ruberto who was king of the mountain and took home the $25,093 first prize, his largest Borgata cash to date.  Not bad for one day's work. 

Place - Name - Location - Prize Won
1. Tony Ruberto (Boston, MA) - $25,093
2. George Cain (Kings Park, NY) - $14,789
3. Tony Antonious (Redington Shores, FL) - $8,515
4. Abraham Mevorah (Staten Island, NY) - $6,901
5. John Iraj (Garden City, NY) - $5,378
6. Gary Wong (New York, NY) - $4,481
7. Scott "Zeke" McCurdy (Charlotte, NC) - $3,585
8. Greg Kolo (Rocky River, OH) - $2,689
9. Andrew Gilenl (Bronx, NY) - $1,793
10. Daniel Gordon (Brick, NJ) - $1,165


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