Saturday, January 19, 2013

Event 4: 3rd Place - Bennani

$500 + $60 Big Stack PLO - High (Re-Entry)   

Shaun Bennani (Ridgefield, NJ)

Shaun Bennani opened for 125k on the button and Mike Linster called from the big blind.

On the flop of J 9 3, all the chips went in the middle.

Shaun - A K K 6 for an overpair
Mike - Q 9 9 4 for trip 9s

The last two fell 7 Q and Mike doubled up to ~1.3 million.

Shaun was left with ~875k.

Soon after, the same two players got to the turn with a board of Q 8 3 9.  All the chips went in and the hands were tabled:

Mike - T998 for a set of 9s
Shaun - T988 for a set of 8s

River was a 4 and Mike's set was good.  He's up to ~2 million.

After being crippled down to only 50k when the blinds were 20k/40k with five players remaining, Shaun was working on a miracle comeback, but it was cut short.  Shaun busted in 3rd place, earning $8,939. 

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