Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Event 1: Big Stacks Tightening Up

$500 + $60 Big Stack No Limit Hold'em (Re-Entry)

(l-r)  Amjadi, Markatos & Dykshteyn

Unlike Day 1A when Paul Spitzberg (Tenafly, NJ) had a commanding lead with nearly 950k, there's no clear chip leader with 20 minutes to play, at least not in the Event Center.

Friends Oleg Vayman (Brooklyn, NY) and Russ Dykshteyn (Brooklyn, NY) both have more than 400k, while Max Amjadi (Marmora, NY) is also in the mix.  Amjadi and Dykshteyn are both on Table 2 along with Spiro Markatos (Hicksville, NY) who won the 2012 Borgata Poker Open $1k 6-max for $93,000.

All three players are in the Event Center. No spies have checked in from the Poker Room where ~10 tables remain.

Level 18 (3k/6k/500 ante) is underway.

Vayman Vying for a Bonus

Event 1: Less than One Hour to Go

$500 + $60 Big Stack No Limit Hold'em (Re-Entry)

It will be interesting to see how the big stacks play it the last one-and-a-half levels as the top two stacks get a $3,000 and $2,000 bonus respectively.

They just broke table 22 in the Event Center, while 13 tables are left in the Poker Room to set the remaining players for Day 1B at 340.

The average stack is 138k (28 bb) as Level 17 (2,500/5k/500 ante) is underway.  Day 1A ended a bit early so they'll do the same tonight stopping midway through Level 18 at ~12:15 am.

Event 1: Russ Rolling Along

$500 + $60 Big Stack No Limit Hold'em (Re-Entry)

Russ Dykshteyn (Brooklyn, NY) is no stranger to large fields and deep runs at Borgata and he's once again back in the mix.  Dykshteyn, who finished 3rd for $113,000 in the 2012 Borgata Spring Poker Open, is now the chip leader with 500k.

There's now a sprint to the finish for the two bonuses as there are several stacks north of 350k with two-and-a-half levels to go.

Play resumes with Level 16 (2k/4k/400 ante) and concludes midway through Level 18 at approximately 12:15 am.

Event 1: Dannenmann Done

$500 + $60 Big Stack No Limit Hold'em (Re-Entry)

Steve Dannenmann (Severn, MD) sees his day come to an end when he moves all in for 20k with
K9 vs the KQ of Jimmy Perez (New York, NY).

Dannenmann doesn't get any help and Perez knocks out the 2005 WSOP runner-up.

Event 1: Just Quads for Jack

$500 + $60 Big Stack No Limit Hold'em (Re-Entry)

Jack Rapoport (Brooklyn, NY) is on a heater and after hitting quads for the second time he now has the chip lead.

Rapoport wins a 130k pot when his pocket 7s flop quads to take his stack to 485k.

Level 15 (1,500/3k/400 ante) is in the books and players are on their last break of the night.

Event 1: Well Hung

$500 + $60 Big Stack No Limit Hold'em (Re-Entry)

With blinds at 1,500/3k/400 ante, Hung Chan (Flushing, NY) three bets to 20k and then calls the 4-bet all in of his opponent for 45k total.

Chan's pocket 5s are against AK and when the board runs out 10 10 2 7 6, he takes his stack to 320k and is on the growing list of 300k stacks.

Event 1: New Chip Leader

$500 + $60 Big Stack No Limit Hold'em (Re-Entry)

Our spies have tracked down the chip leader and he's in the Poker Room.

R. Rezvani is up to 410k, while Jack Rapoport (Brooklyn, NY) is also at that end of the building with 340k.

~500 players remain (300-Event Center, 200-Poker Room) with an average stack of 97k (31 bb) as Level 15 (1,500/3k/400 ante) is underway.

Event 1: Buz-gone, Ryan Up

$500 + $60 Big Stack No Limit Hold'em (Re-Entry)

Dan Buzgon (Marlton, NJ) is on the rail after shoving 15 BBs with queen-nine suited against KJ. Buzgon picks up a flush draw on the turn, but bricks the river.

Meanwhile Steve Ryan (New York, NY) is on a mini heater and has a 13k stack up to 62k.

Both are Borgata regulars with Buzgon earning $335,000 for his third place finish in the 2011 WPT Borgata Championship event.

Event 1: Event Center Big Stacks

$500 + $60 Big Stack No Limit Hold'em (Re-Entry)

We're efforting spies to the Poker Room to locate the big stacks at the other end of the building, but in the Event Center here's a look at the big stacks.

Just a reminder that the Day 1B chip leader takes home a $3,000 bonus, while second place earns $2,000.

Ellen Lambeth 370k
Jedial Pires 360k
Gary McGlothlin 320k
Peter Sennon 310k
Max Amjadi 300k

Level 14 (1,200/2,400/300 ante) underway.

Event 1: Two Sides of the Same Story

$500 + $60 Big Stack No Limit Hold'em (Re-Entry)

Kevin Saul ships his last 70k with AK and busts against Chris Bourassa's pocket jacks.

Here's their accounts via Twitter.

1st hand back AK loses to JJ for 140k flip and I'm out

First hand back from dinner, JJ>Saul's AK. I call his 5 bet shove. 150k now with 27 mins left in 2k/300a level

Event 1: Payouts

Borgata Winter Poker Open
Event 1: $500 + $60 Big Stack No Limit Hold'em
January 15-17, 2013

Entries:  3,871
Total Buy-In:  $1,935,500

1:           $318,104
2:           $209,158
3:           $137,261
4:           $114,946
5:             $93,377
6:              $71,901
7:              $51,359
8:              $35,481
9:              $23,343
10 - 12:     $14,944
13 - 15:     $11,205
16 - 18:       $8,497
19 - 27:       $7,003
28 - 36:       $5,602
37 - 45:       $4,669
46 - 54:       $4,202
55 -63:        $3,866
64 - 72:       $3,548
73 - 81:       $3,268
82 - 90:        $3,025
91 - 100:      $2,801
101 - 110:    $2,614
111 - 120:    $2,428
121 - 130:    $2,241
131 - 140:    $2,054
141 - 150:    $1,867
151 - 160:    $1,718
161 - 170:    $1,587
171 - 180:    $1,457
181 - 200:    $1,345
201 - 250:    $1,251
251 - 300:    $1,176
301 - 350:    $1,120

Event 1: Play Resumes

$500 + $60 Big Stack No Limit Hold'em (Re-Entry)

The ~740 players are back in action as Level 13 (1k/2k/300 ante) is underway.  Play continues until just after midnight, and to match Day 1A will stop midway through Level 18.

Event 1: Tweet Counts

$500 + $60 Big Stack No Limit Hold'em (Re-Entry)

Players checking in via twitter include:

Eli Loewenthal 250k
Greg Glassman 155k
James Tedrow 120k
Mike Dentale 110k
Steve Scales 100k
Ryan Eriquezzo 87k
Joe McKeehen 77k
Connor Berkowitz 76k
Chris Bourassa 75k
Brian Reeve 71k
James Sloat 68k
Kevin Saul 65k
Artyem Perlov 60k
Jason Nagers 59k
Chris Farley 48k
Matthew Chang 45k
Daniel Chan 18k

Event 1: Extended Break

$500 + $60 Big Stack No Limit Hold'em (Re-Entry)

Amiga Working Out Joe's Knots

Unfortunately for Joe Simmons (Philadelphia, PA) he's on an extended break when he, "ran aces into jacks."  He's using the free time to enjoy the message services offered at Borgata.

The remaining players are back in action at 8:25 pm

Event 1: Event Center Chip Leader

$500 + $60 Big Stack No Limit Hold'em (Re-Entry)

As dinner break continues the big stack continues to be Jedial Pires (Goiana, Goias, Brazil).

He's now at 345k after dodging a flush draw and picking up an additional 60k before the break.

Another big stack is Gary McGlothlin (Columbus, OH) who is at 285k, while Eli Loewenthal (Carmel, IN) is at 250k

We don't have a chip leader from the Poker Room, but we know that there are still 30 tables running for a total of 74 tables (44 Event Center) and 740 remaining players.

Event 1: Dinner Time

$500 + $60 Big Stack No Limit Hold'em (Re-Entry) 

End of level 12 and the room has cleared out.   Remaining players are enjoying their one hour dinner break and $10 dinner vouchers.

Play will resume (in the Event Center) at 8:23pm.  (Poker Room clocks may be running a few minutes off.)

Only 44 tables are still active in the Event Center.

Event 1: How Tweet It Is!

$500 + $60 Big Stack No Limit Hold'em (Re-Entry)

Some of the latest news, via Twitter:

Lee Childs ‏@leechilds
Chapter 4. And they lived happily ever after, enjoying time w/ friends until the next tournament. The End. #BWOITM (AK<KK cooler spot)

dave gutfreund ‏@afkam
no joy knocked out b4 dinner when my TT wasn't good enough for 20 BBs vs QQ, try again tomorrow for alot less money#BWPO

Chris Bourassa ‏@BoringAssa
Moved to a new table with Kevin Saul... #weee

Victor Ramdin ‏@victorramdin
Lost a flip @borgata Gl to all heroes left in this monster tourney , Big up to my Horsies :) Let do this lets goo !!

Trevor Savage ‏@TreMomey
Tournament update: I've been removed from the list of entrants eligible to claim victory just shy of the dinner voucher disbursement

Eli Loewenthal ‏@Eli_Loewenthal
Dannenman at table #chirping

Matthew Chang ‏@ChangMatt
Weeeeeeeee @BorgataPoker beginner voucher locked up #watdahell

Event 1: "I Hate Ace-King"

$500 + $60 Big Stack No Limit Hold'em (Re-Entry)

Collins (left) Knocks Out AK

As we take a lap around the Event Center a player moves all in uncontested to win the blinds and antes and tables A K saying, "I hate ace-king. I've had it six times today's and I've lost every time with it."

After his declaration, the AK curse is realized at two neighboring tables.

First, a player holding Big Slick is all in against the pocket 10s of Brian Collins (Albany, NY). The player doesn't improve and is on the rail.

A few seconds later, Bernie Dominiak (Pittsburgh, PA) knocks out a player holding AK when his pocket 8s win the race.

Collins and Dominiak helping illustrate why AK is such a despised hand.

Event 1: Chip Chirps

$500 + $60 Big Stack No Limit Hold'em (Re-Entry)

Here are the break time chip counts via the Twitter-verse:

Eli Loewenthal - 150k
Greg Glassman - 140k
Roman Valerstein - 135k
Seventh Echo -120k
Steve Scales - 106k
Kevin Saul - 96.5k
Joe McKeehen - 76k
Gags30 - 75k
Chris Bourassa - 68k
Ryan Eriquezzo - 67k
Jose Montes - 60k
Bob Hwang - 60k
Brian Reeve - 57k
Alex Rocha - 50k
Artyem Perlov - 45k
Pokerished - 34k
Amanda Musumeci - 30k
Michael Marder - 26k
Chris Superluckybox - 21k
Jerry Callahan - 16k
BwandonAlb - 16k
Chris Bourassa - 68k

Event 1: We Three Kings

$500 + $60 Big Stack No Limit Hold'em (Re-Entry)

Double Knock Out for Ott

There's a ton of action in the Poker Room and the tournament tables are scattered around the cash games.

In The Boardroom John Ott (Tampa, FL) is enjoying the luxurious accommodations and his good fortune at the tables.

Ott flops a set of kings against two short stacks who were both all in preflop. Ott gets the double knockout and takes his stack to 50k. 

Players are back from break and playing Level 12 (800/1,600/200 ante), the last level before dinner break.

Event 1: Gimme a Break

$500 + $60 Big Stack No Limit Hold'em (Re-Entry)      

End of level 11 and time for a color-up break.

The green 25 chips are coming off the tables.

Tables are breaking fast.  Only 55 tables remain in action in the Event Center. 

35 tables remain in action in the Poker Room, making the total 90 tables (900 or fewer players).

Event 1: Leading Lady

$500 + $60 Big Stack No Limit Hold'em (Re-Entry)     

During the previous level:

Ellen Lambeth (Charlotte, NC) opened for 3,500.

Mark Wahba (Cleveland, OH) was in the small blind and raised to 10k.

Ellen called.

Ellen Lambeth

The flop came A T 4 with two clubs.

Mark fired 25k and got called.

When the turn blanked, Mark shoved and Ellen called.

Mark had AK for top/top.  Ellen had T6 of clubs for middle pair with flush draw.

River was a club giving Ellen the flush.  She collected the pot, chipping up to over 230k.

Mark was sent to the rail.

Mark Wahba etched his name into Borgata Poker history during the 2012 Spring Poker Open.  During that series, he won an event, finished second in another, plus added three more cashes to top the Borgata Leaderboard in points.  That earned him an entry into the Summer Open Championship event.

Event 1: Ramdin vs Barsanti-Chou

$500 + $60 Big Stack No Limit Hold'em (Re-Entry)

Ramdin Rakes Chips

From the Poker Room we pick up a hand between Victor Ramdin (Bronx, NY) and Patricia Barsanti-Chou (Metuchen, NJ).

After both players check the turn, Ramdin bets 4k on the river and Barsanti-Chou makes the crying call. Ramdin shows A J and Barsanti-Chou mucks.

Ramdin has $3.6 million in career tournament earnings, while Barasnti-Chou has a Borgata trophy for her win during the 2011 Borgata Spring Poker Open for $38,000.

Event 1: Big Stacks

$500 + $60 Big Stack No Limit Hold'em (Re-Entry)

Level 11:  Blinds 600/1,200 with 200 ante.

Jedial Pires

Jedial Pires (Goiana Goias, Brazil) is up to ~200k.  Jedial was runner-up in the 2012 Fall Open Double Black Chip Bounty event, cashing for over $19,000.

Max Amjadi

Chip leader (at least in the event center) appears to be Max Amjadi (Marmora, NJ).  He's up to ~240k.

Event 1: More Faces

$500 + $60 Big Stack No Limit Hold'em (Re-Entry)

There are lots of crazy characters in the Poker Room including Josip Laces (Woodside, NY) who's wearing a bear hat and using the paw gloves to ante his chips.

The room also features some recognizable women including Ebony Kenney (Miami, FL) and Patricia Barsanti-Chou (Metuchen, NJ).

Josip Laces 
Ebony Kenney

Patricia Barsanti-Chou

Event 1: Poker Room Faces

$500 + $60 Big Stack No Limit Hold'em (Re-Entry)

Packed Poker Room

With all the hubbub in the Event Center, we escaped to the Poker Room where there's another sea of people.   Here's a look at who we found including Patrick Brown (Brooklyn, NY) who is one of the larger stacks in the room 100k.

Patrick Brown & Mike Summers

Dwyte Pilgrim & Jeremiah McKenna

Event 1: Big Numbers = Big Money

$500 + $60 Big Stack No Limit Hold'em (Re-Entry)     

Level 10:  Blinds 500/1,000 with 100 ante.

Unofficial total entries today was just announced:  2,352.

Total for day 1a:  1,520.

Grand total:  3,872.

Total buy-ins:  $1,936,000.    Final 350 will get paid.

"Thas a lotta chedda, yo!"

Now that the re-entry period is over, tables are breaking as fast as the floor can collect seat cards and pass out chip racks.

Down to 74 tables already here in the Event Center.

Numbers are not official and still have to be verified by the cage.  It will be a while before we have confirmed, final numbers.

Event 1: Tweet-Counts

 $500 + $60 Big Stack No Limit Hold'em (Re-Entry)     

Here are some chip counts captured via Twitter during the break:

Joe McKeehen - 92K
Chris Bourassa - 68k
Kevin Saul - 68k
Alan Kraut - 47k
Lana O'Brien - 47k
Brian Reeve - 46k
Eli Loewenthal - 45k
Chris Farley - 44k
Connor Berkowitz - 44k
James Tedrow - 44k
Mike Summers - 42k
Jason Nagers - 40k
Gags30 - 40k
Philly Poker Pro - 38k
Jerry Callahan - 33.6k
John G - 27k
Timothy Finne - 26k
Pokerished - 24.3k
Bob Hwang - 21k
Dave Gutfreund - 20k
Patrick Ricci - 19k
Greg Glassman - 15k
Brad Emdur - 13k
Matthew Chang - 11k
Lee Childs - 10.2k

Event 1: Isn't It Ironic?

$500 + $60 Big Stack No Limit Hold'em (Re-Entry)    

Level 9:  Blinds 400/800 with 75 ante.

The re-entry period is over, but it will be a while before we have final numbers.

Tournament Director Tab Duchateau tweeted that they're already over 3,800 entries, beating the total of 3,705 for the 2012 Borgata Poker Open Event 1.

Ryan Eriquezzo, who entered for the 6th time, was randomly seated next to former girlfriend and fellow Inside The Minds instructor Amanda Musumeci.

In a field this size, what are the odds???

Event 1: Brutal Action

 $500 + $60 Big Stack No Limit Hold'em (Re-Entry)    

Igor Miller (Brooklyn, NY) opened, then Jane Hitchcock (Washington, DC) shoved.

Igor called all-in for less, showing A6.

Jane was way ahead with pocket Aces.

The board came A 83 x 2 giving Jane top set on the flop, but giving Igor the nut flush on the river.

He doubled up to ~100k.  Jane was left short-stacked.

Three payers took a flop of Q 8 3 with two clubs.  

Chuck Petroy Jr (bb) checked.

Paul Grein (E Brunswick, NJ) fired 3,700.  

Steve Ryan (New York, NY) was on the button and called.

Then Chuck shoved.  Then Paul shoved, putting Steve in the tank.

Steve only had about 12k remaining and opted to fold.

Paul had pocket 8s for middle set.  Chuck had Q8 for top two pair and only two outs.

The last two were blanks and Paul scooped the pot, busting Chuck in the process.

Level 8 is about to wrap and players will be taking a 15 minute break.

Event 1: Ins & Outs

$500 + $60 Big Stack No Limit Hold'em (Re-Entry)    

The latest, reported via Twitter:

In (Alternates)
Matthew Chang
Aaron Massey
Tim Reilly

Monro Secor

Out & In Again
Eugene Fouksman
Kevin Saul
James Sloat
Ryan Eriquezzo (6th bullet)
Jason Paster
Jose Montes
Tim Reilly (yes, already)
Rob Brown
Roman Valerstein

Event 1: Goners

$500 + $60 Big Stack No Limit Hold'em (Re-Entry)     

Rob Sciammarello (Long Island, NY) raised UTG.  Mike McGuire (Mahwah, NJ) was short and shoved for about 12k.

Rob called, showing AJ suited.  Mike had pocket 5s.

The board came T 9 3 A 7 giving Rob top pair on the turn and busting Mike in the process (not sure if he plans to re-enter.

Rob chipped up to ~70k.

Last call for all alternates has been made, so they should all be seated.

Lee Childs (Reston, VA) busted out and has fired bullet #3.  Apparently there's a sizable line for re-entries at the registration desk.

Travis Williams ran pocket Jacks into pocket Queens and was busted.  He's not coming back.

Level 8:  Blinds 300/600 with 75 antes.

This is the last level for re-entries.

Event 1: Boat Sinks Boat

$500 + $60 Big Stack No Limit Hold'em (Re-Entry)    

Richard Heller opened.  Mike Renzulli (Selden, NY) flatted.

On the flop of T 6 5 rainbow, Mike checked, Richard bet, Mike flatted.

Turn was a 4 and Mike checked again.  Richard fired again.  Mike flatted again.

River was a 6.  Mike checked for the third time.  Richard shoved and Mike called.

Richard had 65 for sixes-full.  Mike had pocket Tens for Tens-full to take the pot, sending Richard to the rail.  Not sure if he plans to re-enter or not.

They're all the way up to alternate table # 313.

Event 1: More Frequent Flyers

$500 + $60 Big Stack No Limit Hold'em (Re-Entry)    

Level 7:  Blinds 250/500, with 50 ante.

Bruce Yamron (Naples, FL) busted out and has re-entered, arriving in the Event Center.  Bruce won the PLO event during the 2012 Borgata Fall Poker Open.

More faces are popping up in the Event Center.  Not sure if they're late arrivals or they've been hiding.

Here are some folks spotted on my most recent tour of the floor:

Satish Surapaneni
Joe Wertz
Tiffany Williams
Adel Shakerian
Amnon Filippi
Chris Farley
Sach Ramrakhani
Steven Curtin

Event 1: Lost Boy

$500 + $60 Big Stack No Limit Hold'em (Re-Entry)     

Alternate table 308 has been called.

Rogerio Sousa (Durham, NC) busted out, re-entered, was giving a random open seat, played one hand, then went on break at the end of level 5.

When he came back from break, he couldn't remember where he was seated.

Not surprising in this massive field.  He finally located his empty seat once everyone else was back from break.

Roger made three final tables here at Borgata from November 2011 to November 2012 (5th in Stud, 2nd in Stud, and 3rd in PLO). 

All 90 tables in the Event Center are still busy and no tables will break until all the alternates have been seated.  It will probably be after the re-entry period ends (after level 8) before any tables are broken.

Not sure what's going on down in the Poker Room.  Need more Tweets from the folks down there! 


Event 1: Time to Check the Tweets

$500 + $60 Big Stack No Limit Hold'em (Re-Entry)   

Level 6:  Blinds 200/400 with 50 ante.

Time to check the torrent of Tweets that came during the break:

Timothy Finne ‏@HighlandFox
12,750 over 400. Have pulled chips twice. #nittagetowinnage #biggestdoltinborgatahistory

Daniel Chan ‏@DanielChanPoker
KK<QQ aipf Q on the door #ontothenext bullet

Anthony Arnieri ‏@TonyL0C0
Is this guy serious with his sunglass/headphone combo? ... 15400 on break.

Pokerished ‏@pokerished
15.5k at break coming back to 200/400/50 table gone crazy almost every hand jammed all in

Cathy Dever ‏@CathyDever
23K @ 1st break.

Brian Reeve ‏@ravensfutbal
T29325 going to 400 BB, couple of missteps, but still feeling good #BWPO1

Ryan Eriquezzo ‏@RyanEriquezzo
5th barrel. Got like 23k going to 400. Gl us :). #lifeisgood

Kevin Saul ‏@BeL0WaB0Ve
Finally got into event 1 at borgata w 15 min left in lev 5. Have 15k from 20k on 1st break. 3 more levels to re-entry if needed

Steve Scales ‏@SteveScales
Little under SS at break, not much going on

Patrick Ricci ‏@pricci21
24K at break

Chris Bourassa ‏@BoringAssa
71.5k/20k ss coming back to 400bb. #MakingFriends

monro secor ‏@suited4battle
Tough start today, lost 1/2 my stack right away w/1010 n would have lost a lot less as it turned out my opponent is tight but had no read.

Jerry Callahan ‏@callahanja911
17.5k at first break. #BWOITM #BWO2013

Bill Childs ‏@bill_childs
43425 @ the break

Lee Childs ‏@leechilds
19,950 from 20,000. Feels like 60,000. 400/50 coming up. #BWOITM

Brad Emdur ‏@coasterbrad
14.8k at break after level 5. Nothing good to report yet.

Rob Brown ‏@RobBrownPro
23.8k break going to 200/400/50 #nittagetowinnage

Greg Glassman ‏@theglassdog
32k from 20. Bystander to 2 medium-size arguments. #BWPO

Brandon ‏@BwandonAlb
Last hand before break I overraise two limps with AK. Get all in 3 ways vs qq and T7. Door card A and now have 60k

Robert Hwang ‏@ActionBobNJ
17k from 20k start at first break. I think I've played 3 hands in 5 levels. #noactionbob

monro secor ‏@suited4battle
About 22 bbs going to 200/400. Already in short stack ninja mode.

summers mike ‏@summerspro
Better start today end of level 5 I have 40k#bwoitm

Event 1: Break Time

$500 + $60 Big Stack No Limit Hold'em (Re-Entry)    

Alternate tables 306 & 307 have been called.

End of level 5 and time for a 15 minute break.

Alternates are still lining the rail in the event center, so no tables have broken yet.

All 90 tables in the Event Center are full (well, they're empty now because players are on break).

The Event Center's food court is full as hungry players try to grab a bite before returning to play.

Event 1: More Familiar Faces

$500 + $60 Big Stack No Limit Hold'em (Re-Entry)   

Alternate tables 304 & 305 have been called.

I keep spotting more Borgata regulars in the packed house:

Joe Simmons
Alex Rocha
Travis Greenawalt
John Zoldak
Steve Dannenmann
Matt 'Muffins' Mazzeo
Cherish Andrews
Mark Bramley
Byung Yoo
Daryl Boatwright
David Fox
Paul Shedaker
Roger Sousa
Tony Campagna
Matt Maccaroni

Event 1: Entering & Re-Entering

$500 + $60 Big Stack No Limit Hold'em (Re-Entry)    

Level 5:  Blinds 150/300 with 25 ante.

Alternate tables 302 & 303 have been called for seating.

Jason Young (Suffern, NY) has arrived in the Event Center.  His first buy-in today resulted in a seat down in the Poker Room.  Apparently he wasn't happy with that location and 'gave' his chips away so he could re-enter and get a new seat.

The 2008 WSOP Shootout winner appears to be happier with his new seat up here in the Event Center.  He says he's lost count of how many times he has entered, but I saw two yesterday and two today, so that's at least four for Jason.

Players will get their first break of the day at the end of this level (about 1:47pm).

Event 1: Checking in Via Twitter

$500 + $60 Big Stack No Limit Hold'em (Re-Entry)  

In this massive field, there's no way to keep up with them all.  Thanks to Twitter, we can at least keep up with some folks down in the Poker Room.

Keep those Tweets coming!    #BWPO

These folks have checked in via Twitter:

 Daniel Chan ‏@DanielChanPoker
Day1b in poker room with them comfortable chairs @BorgataPoker

Ryan Eriquezzo Ryan Eriquezzo ‏@RyanEriquezzo
Barrell 4. Jesus

Rob Brown ‏@RobBrownPro
Just say down at my @BorgataPoker $560 1 mill gaur table looks dolly 19.5k 75/150

Peter Lubrano ‏@petegotaplan
I'm in the poker room today for the @borgatapoker 1mm gtd

James Tedrow ‏@teddyrowe
Day 1b of 1M..

Manh Nguyen ‏@MunMunny
Just took my seat in day 1B #BWO2013

Ebony Kenney ‏@Ebony_Kenney
Only 62 min late for the tourney...had to throw on the HEAT! #borgataopen #feelingfrisk @ Borgata Poker Room

Joe Branagan ‏@jbranagan10
#WSOP main event final tableist @leechilds sat down directly to my right. #Ouchcash

Eugene Fouksman ‏@efouks
day 1b. thx @vinpahuja & @HighlandFox for making me & @moishenow register last night. our brilliant plan was to show up around 12.

Eli Loewenthal ‏@Eli_Loewenthal
Playin the shit show that is Borgata 1MM gtd. 1b. Gl everyone else out there #timbeymadness

Event 1: Defending Champion?

$500 + $60 Big Stack No Limit Hold'em (Re-Entry)   

Level 4:  Blinds 100/200.

Ben Bianco (Franklin Square, NY) took down the first-ever Borgata Open two-starting-days Event 1 here last September during the 2012 Borgata Poker Open.

Ben Bianco & Dan Wach

That event generated 3,705 entries over the two day ones and a prize pool of over $1.8 million.  Benny collected $309,196 for his win in that event in a two-day event that had to be stretched to three days.

Benny is back to see if he can do it again.

Dan Wach (Boonton, NJ) was the runner up in that event, good for over $200,000.  He's also playing today, trying to improve on that second-place finish.

Table 301 alternates have been summoned.

Event 1: More Familiar Faces

$500 + $60 Big Stack No Limit Hold'em (Re-Entry)  

Level 3:  Blinds 75/150.

Perry Johnston (Oak Island, NC) is back at Borgata and hoping for another deep run.  He says "Hi!" to his granddaughter Brynn, who always remote-sweats her PawPaw via the blog.

Managed to cover the other half of the Event Center and spotted these faces:

Bill Seymour
Dan Wach
Vitaly Kovyazin
Bob Hwang
Austen Johnson
Gregg Miller
Michael Forca
Steve Eyzerovich
Allyson Parker
Victor Ramdin
Lee Childs
Greg Glassman
Todd Robello
David Kim
Brian O'Donoghue
Eugene Fouksman
Tony Sinishtaj
Dan Buzgon
Javier Fernandez
Amanda Musumeci
Frank Ingardia
Mickey Woll
Martha Patella
Ricardo Velasco
Paul Leon
Matt Brady
Howard Wolper
Alex Bolotin
Jerry Callahan
Chris Reslock
Steve Ryan
Leanne Rosenblatt
Rathe Miller
Mukul Pahuja

Many more down in the poker room I'm sure.

Event 1: Packed House

$500 + $60 Big Stack No Limit Hold'em (Re-Entry)  

Just a few minutes remain in level two and it is surprisingly quiet here in the Event Center, which is packed to the gills with players.

No more alternates have been called as yet and they're still waiting patiently.

Event 1: Familiar Faces

$500 + $60 Big Stack No Limit Hold'em (Re-Entry) 

Level 2:  Blinds 50/100.

Table 300 alternates have been called for seating here in the Event Center.

An early pass through about half the room revealed these familiar faces:

Michael Marder
Mike Shasho
Jason Henrici
Al Riccobono
Jason Deutsch
Edward Pham
Grace Sun
Bruce Frank
Greg Fishberg
Ylon Schwartz
Dallas Williams
AJ DeNicco
Nancy Martin
Cuong Phung
Eric Miller
Todd Terry
Mike Lydon
Fritz Stoner
James Boyd
Maurice Paradis
Rick Austin
Chris Edwards
James Boyle

Event 1: Alternates Chillin'

$500 + $60 Big Stack No Limit Hold'em (Re-Entry) 

Tables 1 through 90 are in the Event Center.  Tables 90 and higher are down in the Poker Room.

Alternates have been asked to stay close here in the Event Center so they can hear when they are called.  Lots of folks are milling around, waiting for their chance to get in the action.

 Hopeful Alternates

The familiar cry of "Seat Open" has already been heard, but re-entries get priority over alternates.

Event 1: Cards Are In the Air

$500 + $60 Big Stack No Limit Hold'em (Re-Entry)
             $1 Million Guaranteed 

That $1 million guarantee has already been blown out of the water.  Today's event is sold out, but online pre-reservations are still guaranteed their seats.  About 200 alternates will get in -- that's all.

Plus there are the inevitable re-entries from today's massive field.  We won't have final numbers until registration closes after the break after level 8.

Levels 1-4 are 30 minutes long, then levels 5-18 will last 40 minutes.

Day 1 was supposed to end at the end of level 18, but day 1a had to stop early half-way through in order to avoid dropping below 10% of the field (161 survived out of 1,520 entries).  Play will end today with 20 minutes remaining in level 18.  Survivors will bag their chips and return for day two on Thursday at noon.

Players began with 20,000 chips.

Level 1:  Blinds 25/50.

Cards are in the air!!

Event 1: Borgata Buzzing Early

$500 + $60 Big Stack No Limit Hold'em (Re-Entry)
             $1 Million Guaranteed

Yep, you got it.  We warned you online, we warned you on Twitter.  Event 1 sold out before 10am this morning, with nearly two hundred alternates to get in.

Please Note:  If you pre-registered online for day 1b, YOUR SEAT IS GUARANTEED.

Here are some of the Tweets flying early today:


Edward Pham ‏@EdwardPhamPoker
line to Borg 560 1 milly is at borgata buffet and at alternate #60 already

Paul Halata ‏@PaulHalata
Finally reg'd. Heading back to sleep for a few hrs.

Tim Bishop ‏@timbishop847
Standing in line for this borgata with @natesix playin OFC !! Going to be up 500 before I register ! #easygame

Mark Bee ‏@markbeenyc
#wpo2013 #1b starting up at 11am .sold out im sure, 4000 entries..easy to get friends!

Matthew Chang ‏@ChangMatt
@Mikunbelievable #watdahell hope u get here soon Alt #200 ish is what's being thrown around that they can accommodate...I'm @ 128...

Todd Terry ‏@toddbterry
@MrPerfekt Huge line and turnout is going to make it tough to enter 4 times today  Matthew

Chang ‏@ChangMatt
#watdahell Borgata Event 1 is now capped...hopefully all 200 alternates gets in...

Kevin Saul ‏@BeL0WaB0Ve
Borgata is an absolute mad house. Event 1 is officially sold out, 200 alternates in line. I'm alternate 57 been in line for over an hour

kevin benitez ‏@highrisk18
Missed reg for the 1mil gtd :/. The line is just too ridic!! At least I got some sleep before a full day of grinding


Jerry Callahan ‏@callahanja911
Today is already sold out should be a crazy day #leggo #BWOITM #BWO2013

Brad Emdur ‏@coasterbrad
BWO Event 1 table 85. Already sold out, going to be huge.

dave gutfreund ‏@afkam
Delayed on airplane heading to sold out event at Borgata, a $500 buy-in with over 3000 entries...hope my reservation is upheld

Trevor Savage ‏@TreMomey
Got into this massive borgata 500 as 22nd alternate, hope the wait is worth it

Anthony Erekat ‏@Bigkaterekat
“Sick that i couldn't make it to Borgata Winter Poker Open 2013 today event 1 Borgata $1 Million Guarantee!

Event 1 SOLD OUT

Attention all players ...
Event 1 is SOLD OUT

Thank you.

Event 1 - End of Day 1A Chip Leaders

Borgata Winter Poker Open
Event 1:  $500 + $60 Big Stack No Limit Hold'em
January 15-17, 2013

Day 1A Entries: 1,520
End of Day 1A Players Remaining:  161
Average Chip Stack:  189,000

 JIA LIU  550,000
 EDWARD LEACH  458,000
 JASON LEONE  448,000
 ERIC RIVKIN  435,000
 MARK SYKES  417,000
 JOSEPH TRACY  414,500
 TONY TRAN  325,000
 DAVID VUOLO  307,500
 KYLE KENNEY  300,500
 JIMMY WONG  297,000
 ZHEN CAI  286,000
 RYAN DION  266,000
 JEAN JOSEPH  263,500
 MARTIN FRITZ  240,500
 REGGIE YU  237,000
 LINH LE  228,000
 PETER GROSSO  215,000
 DANIEL AMAR  198,000
 HIEU TRAN  197,500
 KEVIN WALLER  195,500
 JEFFREY LEE  192,000
 SEFAT LEE  189,500
 SHAWN BUSSE  185,000
 VLAD GUTT  177,000
 JEFFREY YUEN  174,000
 KHOI TA  170,000
 YEFIM NOVAK  160,500
 ADAM BITKER  159,500
 ORSON YOUNG  157,000
 PHILLIP REED  151,000
 WILLIAM MOHR  148,000
 ROHAN LONG  133,500
 JOHN HAAS  125,000
 JOHN WALSH  125,000
 DEAN SCHULTZ  124,000
 IVAN PERRY  112,500
 RYAN WINCE  107,000
 CALVIN LIU  100,500
 ELAN BRANAS  95,500
 HEONJO KIM  90,000
 ILYA DYMENT  80,500
 DAVID SLAN  80,500
 JOHN HINDS  80,000
 HENRY LOPEZ  79,500
 QUINN BRUNO  77,500
 GORDON ENG  70,500
 SALAH SIRAJ  55,000
 SCOTT LE  48,000
 RADU PANFIL  47,500
 HA TRAN  38,500

Wednesday, January 16

TODAY'S EVENTS (Event Center) 

11AM: Event 1B - $500 + $60 Big Stack No Limit Hold'em (Re-Entry)
             $1 Million Guaranteed
  • Players start with 20,000 in tournament chips 
  • Levels 1-4 will last 30 minutes each | Levels 5-18:  will last 40 minutes each |
    Day 2 Levels: will last 50 minutes each 
  • Players may Re-Enter through Level 8 
  • 2-Day event with two starting days.  Day 2 begins Thursday at 12PM
  • $3,000 will be subtracted from the prize pool and awarded to the chip leader at the end of Day 1A and the chip leader at the end of Day 1B
    $2,000 will be subtracted from the prize pool and awarded to the player finishing second behind chip leader at the end of Day 1A and the player finishing second behind chip leader at the end of Day 1B. 

7 PM: Event 27 - $150 + $30 + $50 Double Green Chip Bounty NLH  (Re-Entry) 
  • Players start with 12,000 in tournament chips 
  • This is a Bounty tournament.  Players must have their Bounty chips clearly displayed on table in order to remain active in tournament.
  • Levels will last 20 minutes each 
  • Players may Re-Enter through Level 6 
  • 1-Day event

Event 1: Big Stacks = Free Roll; End of Night

$500 + $60 Big Stack No Limit Hold'em (Re-Entry) 

Spitzberg Sitting Pretty

Paul Spitzberg (Tenafly, NJ) rode his big stack to a $3,000 bonus as the end of Day 1A chip leader.  The Borgata regular finished with 942k and was well ahead of second place which came down to a verifying count between two players.

Dan Corbett (Liverpool, NY) edged Jason Andrews (Pittsburgh, PA) by 2,500 to win the $2,000 bonus as runner-up; Corbett bagged 604k to Andrews 601,500.

Another big stack in the mix was Jai Liu (Brooklyn, NY) who finished with 550k. Liu won the 2012 Borgata Spring Poker Open where he earned $312,000.

Spitzberg is no Borgata stranger as he has a Borgata win on his resume from the 2012 August Deep Stack Double Play for $40,000.  He began a steady climb the last six levels of the night and won a 750k pot with pocket 7s against a pair and an open ended straight draw.

~165 players remain of the 1,520 Day 1A entries. The average stack is 184k (31 BB) as players return noon Thursday for Day 2 for completion of Level 18 (3k/6k/500 ante).

Wednesday is another round of madness as Day 1B will bring a much larger field than Day 1A.

Dan the Man, Second in Chips

Event 1: Early Ending

$500 + $60 Big Stack No Limit Hold'em (Re-Entry)

With 170 players remaining, Tournament Director Tab Duchateau announces that Level 18 (3k/6k/500) is going to be cut in half and will last only 20 minutes. Officials don't want the field to drop to less than 10% of the 1,520 total entries.

They'll play four more hands before bagging and tagging for the night.

Event 1: Million Chip March

$500 + $60 Big Stack No Limit Hold'em (Re-Entry)

It was projected that the end of night chip leader would be in the 500k range, but Paul Spitzberg (Tenafly, NJ) is on fire and up to 920k.

"A very tough call," he says, after being put to the test with pocket 7s on a 6 high flop.  Spitzberg's opponent bricks an open ended straight draw, with a pair, and is now on the rail.

Spitzberg adds 400k to his stack and has a strangle hold on the $3,000 bonus to the end of night chip leader, while a couple of players are in the 500k range and going for the $2,000 bonus that goes to runner-up.

Level 18 (3k/6k/500 ante), the last level of the night, is underway.