Friday, February 1, 2013

Event 24 Recap

$200 + $30 + $100 Black Chip Bounty No Limit Hold'em (Re-Entry) 

Borgata Winter Poker Open main event #24 is officially in the books after Dr. William J. O'Brien III (Philadelphia, PA) felted Carpenter Anthony Wing (Dover, DE)  heads-up for $13,038 to win the coveted Borgata Winter Poker Open champion trophy.

After one re-entry, the first hand William was dealt was KK, bringing him a double-up.  And as fate would have it, his final hand of the tournament again was KK.  "Whenever I see KK I think of my Grandfather Dave who died in 1988 and sends them to me...My Grandmother, she sends me Aces," explained William.

The big hand of the tournament came a few hands into a deadlock heads-up battle.  From the 2.88 million chips in play, O'Brien was out-chipped by only 80,000.  He had A 4 and saw a flop of 5 K Q.  William Wing called the flop with the nut-flush draw, then hit an A♠ on the turn.  O'Brien jammed all in and Wing called tabling K 6.  A few hands later Wing lost his remaining micro-stack and $100 bounty chip to O'Brien.

Tables were filled with familiar faces such as David Heck, Andrew Klein, Eric Seigel, Marella Keene, Marsha Wolak, Howard Wolper, and Sheree Bykofsky, all starting with 12,000 chips.  "Miami" John Cernuto (Las Vegas, NV) took 16th Place earning $466.

240 Borgata bounty hunters took the felt at 11am all vying for a slice of the $48,000 prize pool.  Alas, only the top 27 made the cash including Paul Spitzberg (Tenafly, NJ) who held the chip lead early on then cashed for $512 in 13th Place. 

Congratulations once again to our champion Dr. William J. O'Brien III who secured a well deserved victory along with $13,038.

Final Table:
1. Dr. William J. Obrien III (Philadelphia, PA) - $13,038
2. Anthony Wing (Dover, DE) - $7,682
3. William "WJ" Vincent (Eau Claire, WI) - $4,423
4. Andrew Kloc (Naugatuck, CT) - $3,585
5. Irving Pimentel (Roslindale, MA) - $2,794
6. John Harvilla (Northeast, PA) - $2,328
7. Joshua Ridolfo (Burlington, VT) - $1,862
8. Bob Hutchinson (New York, NY) - $1,397
9. Jimmy Born (Clarksville, MD) - $931
10. Richard Gipstein (New York, NY) - $605


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