Monday, January 21, 2013

Event 8 Recap

$260 + $40 Ladies Deep Stack No Limit Hold'em (Re-Entry)

Event 8 is in the books and the luckiest lady of the day was Judy Follmer who won the Borgata trophy along with $10,213.  She scored two double knock-outs at the final table which both proved to be keys to victory in the 2013 Borgata Winter Poker Open Ladies Deep Stack.

The first was when her AA held up against Keiko Lim's 77 and Esther "E-Tay" Taylor's KK.
The second turned out to be the championship final hand where Judy flopped a full house with K-Q while short stack Natalie Bereznyak held A-J and almost equal stack Darin Parker held A-K.

A full day of poker as the high heelers kicked things off at high noon.  High Heel Poker Tour provided coverage and that really cool HHPT trophy.  In fact I'm not sure if Judy was more excited over the trophy or the ten large.

Patricia Barsanti-Chou, Grace Sun, Lisa Pickell, Lana O'Brien, Nancy Martin, Jamie Kerstetter, Marguerite Spagnuolo, and Leane Rosenblatt were just some of the Borgata regulars that made up the 135 starting entries of girls only in what all agreed was the best Borgata Ladies tournament in years.

Judy was railed by husband Jim who is no stranger to Borgata poker.  She shouted, "I won honey" after hoisting her trophies.  Not bad for playing only two tournaments in five years.  Judy's birthday falls on Groundhog's Day.  I have my suspicions after today's win, there might be at least six more weeks of poker in Judy's future.

Another toast to our Last Woman Standing, Judy Follmer who gets a new purse today worth $10,213.

Final Female Table
1. Judy Follmer (Dillsbury, PA) - $10,213
2. Darin Parker (Long Island, NY) - $5,618
3. Natalie Bereznyak (Rumson, NJ) - $3,234
4. Esther Taylor (Havertown, PA) - $2,724
5. Keiko Lim (Bronx, NY) - $2,043
6. Marcelia Keene (Maplewood, NJ) - $1,702
7. Angela Miranda (Bethpage, NY) - $1,362
8. Kristal Vergara (New York, NY) - $1,021
9. Gina Saladino - (Fair Village, PA) - $766
10. Connie Kliwinski (Trenton, NJ) - $681


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