Saturday, January 19, 2013

Event 4: 9th Place - Yamron

$500 + $60 Big Stack PLO - High (Re-Entry) 

Bruce Yamron (Naples, FL)

Blinds Up:  6k/12k.

On the a flop of Q♠T♠5♣, Ken Ruderman (sb) checked, Bruce Yamron (hijack) bet pot (90k).

After some thought, Ken called.

Turn was the 8 and both checked.

River was the 9 and Ken checked.  Bruce bet the pot (270k).

Ken asked to see what Bruce had left (about 150k), asked if he had Bruce covered (he did), stood up, walked around his chair, sat down, an announced he was all-in.  

Bruce folded.  Ken pounded the table, saying "I knew it".  He wouldn't show his hand, but claimed he didn't have the nuts, only the bottom end of the straight.

"I'm a huge Hollywooder" Ken said.

Bruce was left short stacked and busted out soon after.  He got it in pre-flop against Mike Linster, who had KKQJ.  Bruce was drawing with AQJ7 and came up short.  He finished 9th for $2,117.

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