Friday, January 25, 2013

Event 17 Recap

 $350 + $50 Omaha H/L 8B

In a series full have veteran performances it was a couple of Omaha "newbies" that took center stage
at the Borgata Winter Poker Open.

Bob Scofield (Stratford, CT) picked up his first Borgata cash when he defeated David Rotches (Ventnor, NJ), who was playing in his first Omaha tournament.  On the final hand Scofield's Q 9  2♠ 7♣ hit a full a house against Rotches: A♠ 9♠ 4 4.

"I'm happy," said Scofield, who earned $14,973 for the win. "I only came (to Borgata) to play this. I literally only have $200 in my bank account."

Scofield not only dominated the final table, but dominated all of Day 2 as he was the chip leader from start to finish. He had nearly 1/3 of the chips in play with 14 players left and Scofield had 1 million chips four handed, while the other three players combined for only 750k.

"I play more loosely and have a wider range than most players," said Scofield. "I think players generally play tighter in tournaments."

Scofield said he ran up his stack early on Day 1 playing that way, but the style almost cost him at the final table.  At one point he bled chips from 600k to 300k and was forced to regroup with eight players left.

"I was definitely nervous and thinking how could I blow this huge lead, but that's when I tightened up and started hitting some flops."

After that it was a steady exodus beginning with WSOP bracelet holder Ylon Schwartz (Austin, TX) in 8th place. He was followed by Yoram Mainssof (Pennsauken, NJ) in 7th and Kelvin Zhang (Randolph, NJ) in 6th, with Scofield getting both knockouts.

Jesse Patrylak (Springfield, PA), who finished fourth, eliminated Terry Wells (Kearneysville, WV) in 5th place, but the chips were too little, too late as Scofield regained his commanding lead.

"He was definitely raising a lot with less than premium hands," said Patrylak, "but there was nothing I could do about it." 

After Patrylak was knocked out 4th, Scofield took care of Mike Judge (New Hyde Park, NY) in third place before finishing up against Rotches.

"I think I did pretty good," said the 75-year-old Rotches, who usually plays NL Hold'em, but was "tired of getting garbage cards" and liked the change of pace.

One hundred forty-seven players put up $51,450 of total buy-ins and Day 2 began with 24 players, seven from the money.  Pam Jamison (Phoenixville, PA) was the unfortunate bubble girl with her 19th place finish.

Those making the money included two Borgata trophy holders in Tim D'Alessandro (17th) and Ilya Dyment (11th). Dyment's elimination set the final table where Ron Fast (Pompton, NJ) finished 10th and the last woman standing E-Tay Taylor-Brady (Havertown, PA) came in 9th.

Scofield's win is a change to what we've seen at the Borgata Winter Poker Open over the last week.

Familiar faces Allen Kessler (H.O.R.S.E) and Jeff Papola ($1,500 Mix-Max) each won their second Borgata trophies, while Mike Linster (PLO & Black Chip Bounty) won two titles in four days.

But Scofield's performance was just as important to him as it was to any of the previous winners.

"I'll put some of it (winnings) into poker," said the CPA, "but can definitely take care of a few things."

Final Table Results
1st Bob Scofield (Stratford, CT) $14,973
2nd David Rotches (Ventnor, NJ) $8,235
3rd Mike Judge (New Hyde Park, NY) $4,741
4th Jesse Patrylak (Springfield, PA) $3,993
5th Terry Wells (Kearneysville, WV) $2,994
6th Kelvin Zhang (Randolph, NJ) $2,495
7th Yoram Mainssof (Pennsauken, NJ) $1,996
8th Ylon Schwartz (Austin, TX) $1,497
9th E-Tay Taylor-Brady (Havertown, PA) $1,123
10th Ron Fast (Pompton, NJ) $998


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