Friday, January 25, 2013

Event 16 Recap

$350 + $50 Seniors (50+) No Limit Hold'em

Congratulations to multiple-business owner Joe DeGeorge (Branchport, NY) who went the distance to take down the 2013 Borgata Winter Poker Open Seniors tournament along with $20,342 and the trophy.

Joe's tournament story came in two very sick runs.  The first came at an early level where every time Joe looked down he had a monster hand.  The last run appeared when the seniors were down to two tables and Joe built up a dominant tournament chip lead.  "During those runs I was getting huge hole cards" said DeGeorge.

K-J suited seemed to win every time Joe played it, including the final hand of the tournament.

"It was fun being around guys your own age, or as I like to call us, oldsters," laughed DeGeorge.  "What a great experience!" said the Rookie Borgata Seniors tournament grinder.

Over two-hundred players over the age of 50 bought in for their chance to claim their piece of the $74,900 prize pool.  Patricia Cahill and George Amador were a couple of the familiar Senior faces along with Don Brown, John "Ginja Ninja" Greenwood, and Charlie Minter (2nd for $11,988).

We also had a poker superstar legend on our tables, as Robert Varkonyi of WSOP Main Event Champion fame finished 12th for $944.

Everyone loves the Senior event because the players all have a sense of humor and like to have a good time.  Howie Kass (Merrick, NY) had us in stitches when he presented an ancient cell phone as definitive proof he was old enough to play today.  And when he busted in 9th Place he joked, "I'm just happy none of these geezers drooled on me."

Laughing subsided during the final table as our top ten quickly got down to business.  When the smoke cleared, it was Joseph DeGeorge who captured all the chips, the Borgata Senior trophy, and a healthy $20,342.

Joe and his wife have an agreement.  He's allowed to play in only one major poker tournament per month.  That means Joe's gotta make his once a month appearance count - and today he certainly did.

Place - Name - Location - Amount Won
1. Joseph DeGeorge - (Branchport, NY) - $20,342
2. Charlie Minter - (Yardley, PA) - $11,988
3. James Governa - (Richboro, PA) - $6,902
4. Jeffrey Moretti - (Staten Island, NY) - $5,594
5. Jorge Amador - (Manorville, NY) - $4,359
6. Don Brown - (Westbury, NY) - $3,633
7. William Lisek - (Galloway, NJ) - $2,906
8. Joe Raccuia - (Whiting, NJ) - $2,180
9. Howie Kass - (Magnolia, NJ) - $944


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