Thursday, January 24, 2013

Event 13 Recap

$260 + $40 Deep Stack No Limit Hold-Em (Re-Entry)

After 22 hours Event 13 is in the books and your Champion is an aspiring writer from Long Island, NY named James Kirschenheuter.  James outlasted a field of 1,264 entries and beat Steven Rodriguez (Staten Island) heads up.

A hand James will never forget and was key to his victory was when his favorite hand, J-7 of spades flushed out the river to beat his opponent's 8-6 straight.  That hand brought James amongst the chip leaders and he never looked back.  In fact, he estimates his total knock-outs at 20.  He took out 10 with 5 tables to go and several at the FT.

"I'm gonna use the prize money to help buy a house for myself" said an excited yet tired Kirschenheuter.  "I'm also surprised I didn't get zonked out" laughed James.

The field included a barrage of Borgata familiar faces such as Wade Woelful, Andrew Badecker, Cornel Cimpan, Amanda Musumeci, Chris Leong, Cotton Snuffer, Matt "Muffins" Mazzeo, Roman Valerstein, Jimmy Wong, and Josh Supsak.  Josh was the chip leader for a good stretch of the tournament then in two hands almost back to back - he was out.   His AA was beat by Stu Baker's A-Q suited.  Stu went on to take 9th Place for $5,818

All the Players vying for their piece of the $328,640 prize pool including Sonya Pickett (Ashburn, VA) who was a joy to meet.  She's only been playing poker 6 months at the training of Borgata WPT Champion, Dwite Pilgrim.  Sonya finished in 20th Place for $1,412.

But once again our man of the hour and day was James Kirschenheuter who takes home an impressive $68,548 along with the Borgata Event trophy.

Place - Name - Location - Amount Won
1. James Kirshenheuter (Long Island, NY) - $68,548
2. Steven Rodriguez (Staten Island, NY) - $40,651
3. Gregory Donatelli (Glenside, PA) - $25,024
4. John Duley (Annopolis, MD) - $21,040
5. Nick Giaccone (Endfield, CT) - $17,383
6. Eric Schutte (Columbus, OH) - $14,186
7. Cody Custer (Dover, DE) - $10,998
8. Ben Laves (Somerset, NJ) - $8,129
9. Stu Baker (Washingtonville, NY) - $5,818
10. Doug Rosen (New York, NY) - $3,793


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