Sunday, January 20, 2013

Event 7: 10th Place - Figueroa

$350 + $50 Modified Shoot Out No Limit Hold'em

Victor Figueroa (Miami, FL) 

Victor Figueroa was one of the chip leaders to start the final table, but is the first out with a 10th place finish.

After giving two short stacks a double-up, Figueroa takes a major hit against Gordon Eng with AJ against Eng's AQ. Figueroa ships 70k in another double-up and is out the next hand after he is left with only 8k

Event 8: Outta Here

$260 + $40 Ladies Deep Stack No Limit Hold'em (Re-Entry)

The following ladies are gone but not forgotten.  Congrats on cashing!

Place - Name - Location - Amount Won
12th - Pia Matthews (Clinton, MD) - $681
13th - Deborah Ann Baran (Moscov, PA) - $596
14th - Lori Edvabsky (Levittown, NY) - $596
15th - Susan Boekholt (Brick, NJ) - $596
16th - Stacey Schubart (Hewitt, NJ) - $511
17th - B. Thaler (Brooklyn) - $511
18th - Antonia Patterson (Jamaica, NY) - $511

One away from the final table.

Event 6: 3rd Place - Prescott

$1000 + $90 No Limit Hold'em (Re-Entry)

 Allie Prescott (Memphis, TN)

10k/20k/3k ante
Allie Prescott moves all in for 280k with QJ and is dominated by the KQ of Aaron Massey.  There's not help on the board and Prescott is out in third place.

Massey has a 4 to 1 chip lead (2.4 million to 600k) over Jacob Neff.

Event 7: Final Table

$350 + $50 Modified Shoot Out No Limit Hold'em

Seat-Name-Chip Count
1 Robbie Kay (Toms River, NJ) 12k
2 Joe Lopes (West Creek, NJ) 56k
3 Victor Figueroa (Miami, FL) 95k
4 Gordon Eng (Cliffside Park, NJ) 72k
5 Dan Buzgon (Marlton, NJ) 80k
6 Sean Wallace (Horsham, PA) 54k
7 Doug Klevitz (Greenwich, CT) 75k
8 Ron Gervolino (Ridgewood, NJ) 50k
9 Brian Adragna (East Meadow, NY) 21k
10 Billy Braden (Toms River, NJ) 97k

Blinds 12k/24k/4k ante

Event 7: 11th and 12th Places ($1,477)

$350 + $50 Modified Shoot Out No Limit Hold'em

 Figuero (left) Gets Dever's Count Before Making the Call

Cathy Dever (Ephrata, PA) is the final table bubble with her 11th place finish. She moves all in for 23k with pocket 9s and is called by Victor Figueroa (Miami, FL) and is K♠ 3♠ who hits a king on the flop.

The remaining 10 players are drawing for their final table seats


11 Cathy Dever
12 David Ruah

Event 9: 5th Place - St. Jean

$450 + $50 Seven Card Stud

 Larry St. Jean (Salsbury, Beach, Mass)

Larry St. Jean told me Borgata has always been his favorite place to play and he had a wonderful time today.

Larry takes home $589 for his 5th Place finish.  See you next time!

Event 8: Up And Coming

$260 + $40 Ladies Deep Stack No Limit Hold'em (Re-Entry)

Stacy Schubart - 16th Place

Stacy Schubart (Ringwood, NJ) continues to roll.  She's 2 for 2 in Ladies tournaments.

First she chopped 2nd Place at the WSOP Ladies Circuit Event and now another cash.

Stacy had a great time at Borgata and plans on playing more events on the Ladies Tour.

Event 8: Sausage Grinder Out

$260 + $40 Ladies Deep Stack No Limit Hold'em (Re-Entry)

Last man is out of the tournament.  Again the field celebrated but this time, Gina Saladino (Philadelphia, PA) got $100 from the last man as a parting gift.  He put up the $100 black chip bounty on himself realizing he put a target on his back to play in the Ladies tournament.

When he shoved all in, he included the $100 chip.

Gina won when her 3-3 held up against A-6 on a board of Q-J-10-7-J.

Gina Saladino up to 150,000

Event 7: 13th-16th Places ($1,197)

 $350 + $50 Modified Shoot Out No Limit Hold'em

The highlight of these four eliminations is Doug Klevitz hitting a straight flush with K♠ Q♠ against Tony Hulbert's pocket 7s. "At least I lost to a straight flush," says Hulbert on his way to the cage.

13 Elan Branas
14 Tommy Gleason
15 Tony Hulbet
16 Zaur Mamedov

Event 6: Final Three Chip Counts

$1000 + $90 No Limit Hold'em (Re-Entry)

 (l-r) Prescott, Neff & Massey

Blinds 10k/20k/3k ante 

Aaron Massey 1.3 million (65 bb)
Jacob Neff 1.2 million (60 bb)
Allie Prescott 475k (24 bb)

Event 6: 4th Place - Anderson

$1000 + $90 No Limit Hold'em (Re-Entry)

 James Anderson

On a flop of K Q 8 James Anderson and Aaron Massey are all in:

Anderson: 10 8
Massey: A 7

Massey's nut flush gets the last 400k from Anderson who finishes in 4th place.

Event 8: Bubble Bath

$260 + $40 Ladies Deep Stack No Limit Hold'em (Re-Entry) 

Natalie Bereznyak - 300,000

Natalie Bereznyak (Rumson, NJ) sends Opponent home to take a nice long bubble bath after her AA held up against JJ.

Once the bubble broke, the ladies celebrated all realizing they were in the money.

Tables broke down to two and the girls took a quick break.

Blinds are 5000 / 10,000 with 1000 antes.

1st Place payout is a healthy $10,213.  Not bad for a $260 investment.

Event 9: Final Table (Sort Of)

$450 + $50 Seven Card Stud

Down To 1 Table

Seat - Name - Chips

1. Bill Munley..........12,000
2. Travis Williams......40,000
3. xxxxxxxxxx..........29,000
4. Yuebin Guo..........65,000
5. Randy Tong..........68,000
6. Miami John Cernuto......46,000
7. Peter Ippolito.......10,000
8. Larry St. Jean......34,000
9. Vincent Papasodero......23,000

Top 5 make the cake.

Bill Munley is the Stud champ from the 2012 Borgata September Poker Open and a winner from 2011.  He's looking to add another trophy to his mantle but wanted to say hi to his girlfriend half way around the world.

Bill says hi to Gudrun "Gudi" who is partying in Ibiza Spain.

Event 7: 17th-18th Places ($962)

$350 + $50 Modified Shoot Out No Limit Hold'em

17 Aditya Praestyo
18 Will "the Thrill" Failla

Event 7: Final Two Tables

$350 + $50 Modified Shoot Out No Limit Hold'em 

Table 1


1 Billy Braden
2 Joe Lopes
3 Elan Branas
4 Sean Wallace
5 Tommy Gleason
6 Victor Figueroa
7 David Ruah
8 Cathy Dever
9 Ron Gervolino

Table 2


1 Aditya Praestyo
2 Robbie Kay
3 Gordon Eng
4 Will Failla
5 Doug Klevitz
6 Zaur Mamedov
7 Brian Adragna
8 Dan Buzgon
9 Tony Hulbet

Event 8: Who's In The Lead?

$260 + $40 Ladies Deep Stack No Limit Hold'em (Re-Entry)  

Esther "E-Tay" Taylor has maintained her lead, now sitting on 450,000.

At the same table two seats to her left is Judy Foller with 360,000.

A few ladies are in the 200,000 chip range such as Sarah Wasch (Philadelphia, PA).
Sarah has 220,000 after flopping a set that turned into quads.

Bubble is looming.  Just two knock outs away from the money.

Event 8: Hurling More Than Chips

$260 + $40 Ladies Deep Stack No Limit Hold'em (Re-Entry) 

That Was So Sic

Susan Boekholt (Brick, NJ) ate at Borgata buffet with her Father this morning.  As she was exiting, on her way to this tournament, a child with the flu got sick and threw-up.  Her entire outfit was ruined so her Father bought her a new Borgata sweatshirt.  What a nice guy!

Susan has a great sense of humor about the incident claiming, "It's good luck so that means I'm gonna take down this tournament".

Susan was sympathetic to the sick child especially since she has two girls at home herself.

Event 7: Ruah Busts Two, 18 Remain

$350 + $50 Modified Shoot Out No Limit Hold'em 

David Ruah knocks out two players, but he comes from behind to do it.

Ruah has pocket 7s against the pocket queens of Edward Shelmerdine and the AJ of Debbie Troncone.

Troncone flops an ace and is in great shape, until a 7 on the turn sends the 80k chip pot to Ruah.

Troncone was in for 30k and busts in 20th place, while Shelmerdine loses his last 10k for 19th place.
Both players earn $962.

The remaining 18 player are redrawing for seats at the final two tables.

Event 8: One, Two Punch

$260 + $40 Ladies Deep Stack No Limit Hold'em (Re-Entry) 

Man down!  All the ladies in the tournament applauded and celebrated when one of the remaining male players was knocked out.  It took two blows to finish him off.

Punch 1:  Angela Miranda (Beth Page, NY) has A K vs. Villain's 6 6 .

Both players love the flop and all the chips go in the middle with Angela at risk.  Miranda hits her flush and zooms up to 250,000.

Villain is steaming so on the very next hand...

Punch 2:  Keiko Lim (Japan) calls Villain's shove.  She tables KK and Villain flips K-10, drawing very thin.

Board runs cleanly with 5-2-3-Q-9 - not even a sweat.

Angela & Keiko - Manslayers!

As a reward for knocking out the Villain, Angela and Keiko each received some SWAG (t-shirts) from High Heels Poker Tour and PMS Pokerwear.

As soon as things settled down, someone from the rail shouted, "One down, and one to go!"

Event 7: 21st-24th Places ($800)

$350 + $50 Modified Shoot Out No Limit Hold'em 

Anthony Zinno (Cranston, RI) has played three events and is now three for three in cashes at the Borgata Winter Poker Open. After cashing in Event 1 in 20th place and a final table (8th place) in the PLO, Zinno finishes 21st in this event.

He sends a shout out to his sister Laura and her new born Lino, Zinno the proud uncle!


21 Anthony Zinno
22 Glenn Shapiro
23 Collin Whyte
24 Joshua Rosengarten

Event 6: Shoving time

$1000 + $90 No Limit Hold'em (Re-Entry)

Level 21 Blinds: 6000/12000/ 2000 ante

Allie Prescott raises to 30k under the gun.  Jacob Neff calls from the button.  James Anderson has the big blind, and bumps it up to 102k total.  Prescott tanks, then shoves all-in.

Neff mucks his hand from the button.  Anderson then asks for a chip count of Prescott's shove.  The answer is about 380k on top.  James Anderson thinks it over for a while before mucking his cards.  

Event 6: 5th Place - Dorone Farber

$1000 + $90 No Limit Hold'em (Re-Entry)

Level 21 Blinds: 6000/12000/ 2000 ante

                                                         Dorone Farber (NY, NY)

Dorone Farber limps from the cutoff position.  Aaron Massey completes his small blind and James Anderson checks his option from the big.  

Flop comes 10KA.  Massey and Anderson check to Farber, who bets out 130k.  Massey calls, Anderson mucks.  2 on the turn.  Massey checks.  Farber then announces "All-in".  Massey checks his cards again, then calls.  

Farber:  68
Massey:  A4

Both players turned the 3 card heart flush...but Massey has the hand and the pot locked up with the nut Ace high flush.  A meaningless 4 comes on the river, sending Dorone Farber out in 5th place...good for a $11,465 payday.  Congratulations!

Event 9: Travis Talk

$450 + $50 Seven Card Stud

Travis Williams has played more than his share of stud tournaments throughout his poker career.  He's very happy with the structure, buy-in, Player of The Year point consideration, and realizes how important this point of the tournament is.

The studs are down to 12 players.  Travis will be voting that the guys wrap up this tournament tonight instead of a two-day.  "If we finish tonight, then I can play the bounty tournament tomorrow" said Travis.

Royalty Checks For Wearing B-cap Are In The Mail

Event 8: Update Time

$260 + $40 Ladies Deep Stack No Limit Hold'em (Re-Entry)  

We started the day with 135 ladies and will end tonight with one outlasting all the others for the $10,213 1st place prize.

Just ten away from the money.  Short stacks are looking to either survive for the $511 min pay or double up and make a charge.

If you want to come down a see all these lovely ladies for yourself, they're spread out across four poker tables near the front rail in The Event Center.

We'll be covering this one day tournament until conclusion tonight.

Event 7: 25-27th Places ($418)

$350 + $50 Modified Shoot Out No Limit Hold'em 

There's a significantly slower pace since dinner break as the pending pay jump has players being more cautious.

Chris Edwards says he waited for three hours to play a hand and when he finally gets AQ he busted to the pocket 6s of Gordon Eng (Cliffside Park, NJ).

Edwards finishes 27th for $418.

Shortly after that two more eliminations get us to the next pay jump, where 21st-24th earn $800.

25 Matt "Muffins" Mazzeo
26 Arash Shirani
27 Chris Edwards

Event 8: Ready For Action

$260 + $40 Ladies Deep Stack No Limit Hold'em (Re-Entry)   

The ladies are back from dinner and are guaranteeing they'll be more fireworks at Table 1.

Judy Follmer (Dillsburg, PA) got a good chunk of her 160,000 stack after flopping a flush along with two players betting into her.

Also at table 1 are Sue Ryan (Weston, VA) and Hakima Muhammad.  Hakima took third in the Event during a previous Open and is determined go even further today.

Judy Follmer, Sue Ryan & Hakima Muhammad

Event 6: Updated chips at Dinner

$1000 + $90 No Limit Hold'em (Re-Entry)

Level 21 Blinds: 6000/12000/ 2000 ante

Players are about to come back from their 60 minute dinner break, when the blinds will go up to Level 21.

Here are the current approximate chip counts for the remaining 5 players:

Dorone Farber  - 460k
Jacob Neff         - 1.2 Million
Aaron Massey    -  430k
James Anderson   -   432k
Allie Prescott   -     445k

Good luck to all our remaining players!

Event 7: Play Resumes, Three from Pay Jump

$350 + $50 Modified Shoot Out No Limit Hold'em 

With 27 players remaining, play is now 9-handed on three tables.

The next three eliminations earn $418, before the next pay jump which is nearly double the amount to $800.

Blinds are 400/800/100 and the cards are back in the air.

Event 9: Supper Time for Stud

$450 + $50 Seven Card Stud   

14 Players remain, making the average stack about 23k.

The remaining Studs have taken off for dinner.

Play will resume at about 8:20 pm with level 12, limits 1k/2k.

Event 6: Hooks no good

$1000 + $90 No Limit Hold'em (Re-Entry)

Level 20 Blinds: 5000/10000/ 1000 ante

Allie Prescott raises to 24k from the button.  Jacob Neff calls from the big.

K48 comes on the flop.  Neff checks.  Prescott bets 28k and Neff calls the bet.  Q on the turn and both check.  7 on fifth street.  Neff leads out with 39k.  Prescott thinks it over for a while and asks "Q8?".  He thinks it over some more before making the call.

Neff:  AQ
Prescott:  JJ

Jacob Neff rakes in another pot.

Event 8: New Chip Leader

$260 + $40 Ladies Deep Stack No Limit Hold'em (Re-Entry)       

The two biggest stacks on table one clashed in a hand, creating a monster pot and a new chip leader.

The flop was K J 5 with two spades.  Early chip leader Mary Shilale bet and Esther 'E-Tay' Taylor (Brady) called.


Turn was an offsuit Ten. 

This time E-Tay fired a stack of gray chips into the pot (135k).  Mary called, but as her chips were being counted (to see what she had left) both ladies decided to go all in dark before the river card.

E-Tay had KT of diamonds for two pair.

Mary had JT offsuit for a weaker two pair hand.  She needed a Jack on the river to survive.

River was a 3 and Mary was busted.

When E-Tay finally finished stacking the monster pot, it was over 400k, putting her well into the chip lead.

Level 15 wrapped up soon after and the remaining Ladies are on dinner until about 8:35pm.

Event 7: Braden Leads on Dinner Break

$350 + $50 Modified Shoot Out No Limit Hold'em

Billy Braden
Chip Leader

Billy Braden (Toms River, NJ) is the chip leader at 51k (64 bb) with 27 players remaining.

The average stack 222k (28 bb) with blinds moving up to 400/800/100 ante.

Players are on a one hour dinner break and play resumes at 8:25 pm.

The short stacks will be keeping a close eye on each other as three more eliminations means a significant pay jump from $418 to $800.

Event 6: Never E "Neff"

$1000 + $90 No Limit Hold'em (Re-Entry)

Level 20 Blinds: 5000/10000/ 1000 ante

                                                 Neff and Massey chillaxin...

Jacob Neff opens for 24k from the cutoff.  Aaron Massey 3 bets to 56k from the button.  Neff thinks it over for a bit, then four bets to 125k on top.

Massey thinks for quite a while...looks over at Neff to see if he can get a read from his face.  Neff doesn't show any discernible expression.  Massey then eventually folds, and Neff opens his 99  face up and rakes in the chips.

Event 7: 28-39th Places ($418)

$350 + $50 Modified Shoot Out No Limit Hold'em 

28 David Corwin
29 Wendy Freedman
30 Ezra Udoff
31 Nick Gandhi
32 Knowlton Atterbeary
33 James Tedrow
34 Robert Allain
35 Tanios Abi-Yaghi
36 Deeneash Krishnanand
37 Steve Gaush
38 Mike Linster
39 Jared Smith

Event 6: This one's a Kicker

$1000 + $90 No Limit Hold'em (Re-Entry)

Level 20 Blinds: 5000/10000/ 1000 ante

Dorone Farber raises to 27k under the gun.  Allie Prescott calls from the big blind.

The board runs out J6K25 and both players check it down through the river.  Farber shows A3 and Prescott shows A 10, with both players having Ace high...but Prescott takes down the pot with the higher kicker.  

Event 6: 'Neff said...

$1000 + $90 No Limit Hold'em (Re-Entry)

Level 20 Blinds: 5000/10000/ 1000 ante

Dorone Farber makes it 22k from the cutoff position.  Jacob Neff bumps it up to 60k from the button.  Farber calls the raise.

Flop: QKJ 

Both players check.  Aon the turn also prompts both players to knock their knuckles on the felt.  The 4♣ comes on 5th street.  Farber bets 40k and Neff calls.  Farber tables 89 offsuit, but Neff shows the A9 to rake in the pot with a turned pair of Aces.

Event 7: Notables Knocked Out

$350 + $50 Modified Shoot Out No Limit Hold'em 

Event 4 PLO winner Mike Linster (Island Park, NY) who earned $28,225 for the win is on the rail as is 2nd place finisher in Event 1 Tanios Abi-Yaghi (Toms River, NJ), who took home $209,158.

Linster is out 38th, while Abi-Yaghi is 35th, both add $418 to their bankroll.

Event 8: Ups & Downs

$260 + $40 Ladies Deep Stack No Limit Hold'em (Re-Entry)      

Level 14:  1,500/3,000 with 400 ante.  About ten minutes left in this level.

They'll play one more level, then take a dinner break.

Darin Parker has distanced herself from the field.  She's up to 280k has about 80k more than her closest rival.

35 remain.  Average stack is ~96k.


Lana O'Brien
Stephanie Hubbard
Karen Harris
Pat Knoll
Leanne Rosenblatt
Patricia Barsanti-Chou
Grace Sun
Mirta Estrada
Marguerite Spagnuolo
Marsha Wolak

Event 6: Don't bully me, Rocky

$1000 + $90 No Limit Hold'em (Re-Entry)

Level 20 Blinds: 5000/10000/ 1000 ante

Aaron "Stallone" Massey (who also goes by the nickname Rocky) raises under the gun to 20k.  Dorone Farber tanks from the small, then makes it another 65k on top.  Massey let's go of his hand.

Event 7: 40-49th Places ($418)

$350 + $50 Modified Shoot Out No Limit Hold'em

40 Adrian Philllips-Samuels
41 Nathan Tuthill
42 Scott Ventigmiglia
43 Marty Lang
44 Justin Schwartz
45 David Semless
46 Eliano Mesquita
47 Ritesh Gadhiya
48 Antonio Walker
49 Karl Tretter

Event 9: Nineteen Studs

$450 + $50 Seven Card Stud   

Level 10:  Limits 600/1,200.

About ten minutes to go in this level.

Nineteen players remain in this event, making the average stack 17k.

Miami John Cernuto still leads, but has dropped to ~45k.

Ylon Schwartz
Glenn Engelbert

Event 6: Updated chips...Level Up!

$1000 + $90 No Limit Hold'em (Re-Entry)

Level 20 Blinds: 5000/10000/ 1000 ante

The remaining 5 players have just returned from their 10 minute break and are now playing level 20 for the next 60 minutes.  Average stack is 591k according to the tournament clock.

Here are the updated chip counts at the break:

Allie Prescott:  650k
Dorone Farber:  780k
Aaron Massey:  520k
Jacob Neff:     580k
James Anderson:   423k

Event 6: Snowmen are Hot

$1000 + $90 No Limit Hold'em (Re-Entry)

Level 19 Blinds: 4000/8000/ 1000 ante

Aaron Massey (Elmwood Park, IL) makes it 18k to go.  James Anderson  (Wooster, OH) bumps it up to 37k.  Allie Prescott (Memphis, TN) then four bets to 105k.  Massey shoves his 271k stack into the middle, Prescott calls.

Prescott:  AK
Massey:   88

The flop comes 255 and the rest of the board bricks out, and brings no help to Prescott..who doubles up Massey.

Event 7: Fast and Furious (50-60th Places)

 $350 + $50 Modified Shoot Out No Limit Hold'em

Players are busting fast including Mukul Pahuja (Hicksville, NY) who has his aces cracked.

He finishes in 53rd place for $418.

Places 50-60 ($418)

50 Joe Wilamowski
51 Steve Ryan
52 Andrew Gonzalez
53 Mukul Pahuja
54 Dwyte Pilgrim
55 Harrison Goforth
56 Paul Gunning
57 Carl Restifo
58 John Tavss
59 Javier Fernandez
60 Gary Cucci

Event 8: New Chip Leader

$260 + $40 Ladies Deep Stack No Limit Hold'em (Re-Entry)      

Level 13:  Blinds 1,200/2,400 with 300 ante. 

The ladies are down to five nine-handed tables, which means 45 players are still alive.

Average stack is 75k.

Darin Parker

Darin Parker (Long Island, NY) has about twice that.  She's currently leading with ~150k.

Event 6: 6th place - Sharon Levin

                                                         Sharon Levin  (Davie, FL) 

Sharon Levin  (Davie, FL) finds himself all-in against Aaron Massey (Elmwood Park, IL) pre-flop

Levin:  A6
Massey:  A3

Levin is ahead pre-flop, but a three comes on the flop and also on the turn to lock up the hand for Massey, and eliminate Levin in 6th place.  Levin takes home $9,555 for his 6th place finish.  

Event 6: 7th place - Mike Dentale

$1000 + $90 No Limit Hold'em (Re-Entry)

                                                 Mike Dentale  (Brooklyn, NY)

Event 6: 8th place - Robert Hwang

$1000 + $90 No Limit Hold'em (Re-Entry)

                                                    Robert Hwang   (Barnegat, NJ)

Event 9: Leading Stud

$450 + $50 Seven Card Stud  

Miami John Cernuto

Miami John Cernuto (Las Vegas, NV) is leading the studs with about 50k.  He was pulling a pot as I walked up, so gave me a big smile for the blog.  He's sharing the felt with Ylon Schwartz, Matthew Stevens, and Peter Ippolito

Bill Munley (Throop, PA) is one table over.  Bill has two Stud wins here (2012 BPO & 2011 Borgata Spring Poker Open) and would like to make it a trifecta today.

Event 7: Restart Underway - In Da $$$$

$350 + $50 Modified Shoot Out No Limit Hold'em

(left) Antonio Walker (Willingboro, NJ) & Gausch Ready for Round 2

The 60 remaining players in the Shoot Out are back for Round 2 with an eye on the prize.

"It feels great," says Steve Gausch (Phoenixville, PA) know that he's starting this phase of the tournament already in the money.

When asked the same question Gordon Eng (Cliffside Park, NJ) replies, "I'm not, I fired two bullets," meaning he's got some work to do before breaking even.

The first 35 players eliminated take home $418, while everyone is still in the running for the top prize of $24,381.

Players start with 10k chips, levels are 30 minutes long and blinds start at 100/200.

Event 6: Prescott gets 2 for 1

$1000 + $90 No Limit Hold'em (Re-Entry)

Level 19 Blinds: 4000/8000/ 1000 ante

                                                              Allie Prescott is on a roll

"Action" Bob Hwang (Barnegat, NJ) puts the rest of his short stack into the middle.  Mike Dentale  (Brooklyn, NY) re-ships all-in over the top.  Allie Prescott (Memphis, TN) has them both covered and calls.  This is how the cards looked face-up:

Hwang:  K5
Dentale:  AK
Prescott:  10 10

The board brings no help to Hwang and Dentale and they are eliminated in 8th and 7th place, respectively.

Event 7 - Final Round Table Assignments

Borgata Winter Poker Open
Event 7:  $350 + $50 Modified Shoot Out No Limit Hold'em
January 20, 2013

Entries:  300
Total Buy-In:  $105,000

Players Remaining:  60
Final Round Starting Chip Stack:  10,000







Event 6: 9th place - Mark Herm

$1000 + $90 No Limit Hold'em (Re-Entry)

Level 19 Blinds: 4000/8000/ 1000 ante

                                                    Mark Herm (Philadelphia, PA)

Mark Herm jams his last 90k from the cutoff with A5 offsuit.  Allie Prescott (Memphis, TN) calls from the big blind with KJ.  The flop brings a King, and the rest of the board bricks out for Herm, and he is eliminated in 9th place.  Mark plans on playing the rest of the series here at the Borgata Winter Poker Open.  

Event 8: Leaving Ladies

$260 + $40 Ladies Deep Stack No Limit Hold'em (Re-Entry)     

Level 12:  Blinds 1k/2k with 300 ante.

Sixty players remain of 135 entries, so more than half the field has departed.

Average stack is ~56k.

Looks like the big stack is about 140k.


Helene Strafford
Lisa Pickell

Event 6: Anderson gets another

$1000 + $90 No Limit Hold'em (Re-Entry)

Level 18 Blinds: 3000/6000/ 500 ante

James Anderson  (Wooster, OH) raises to 13,500 under the gun.  Sharon Levin (Davie, FL) calls as does Aaron Massey (Elmwood Park, IL).  Flop falls 8♠Q7♣ and Anderson bets out 22k.  Both other contestants fold and Anderson rakes in the pot.

Event 7: Shoot Out Final Round

$350 + $50 Modified Shoot Out No Limit Hold'em 

The final round of the Shoot Out is due to start at 5pm, but one of the flight B tables was still playing, Just finishing up at a couple of minutes before 5 o'clock.

Now that all tables are done, they have to get them in the computer and do a table draw to get the seat assignments for the final round.  Once that is posted, players can start finding their seats and get cards in the air.

All sixty players who advanced to the final round are in the money and guaranteed to leave with at least $418.

In the final round, players begin with 10,000 chips.

Levels are 30 minutes long.

Level 1 Blinds:  100/200.

Event 6: Snowmen are good

$1000 + $90 No Limit Hold'em (Re-Entry)

Level 18 Blinds: 3000/6000/ 500 ante

James Anderson  (Wooster, OH) raises preflop and Allie Prescott (Memphis, TN) calls.

Flop: 45J♠.   Anderson makes it 16k, Prescott calls.  Q♣ on the turn.  Both players check.  9♥ comes on 5th street and both check again.  Anderson flips over 88♦ and it's good for the scoop when Prescott mucks his cards.

Event 8 - Payouts (Ladies)

Borgata Winter Poker Open
Event 8:  $260 + $40 Ladies Deep Stack No Limit Hold'em
January 20, 2013

Entries:  135
Total Buy-In: $35,100

1:             $10,213
2:             $5,618
3:             $3,234
4:             $2,724
5:             $2,043
6:             $1,702
7:             $1,362
8:             $1,021
9:             $766
10 - 12:    $681
13 - 15:    $596
16 - 18:    $511


Event 9 - Payouts

Borgata Winter Poker Open
Event 9:  $450 + $50 Seven Card Stud
January 20, 2013

Entries:  27
Total Buy-In:  $12,150

1:             $5,303
2:             $2,947
3:             $1,768
4:             $1,179
5:             $589

Event 6: Hwang-ing On

$1000 + $90 No Limit Hold'em (Re-Entry)

Level 18 Blinds: 3000/6000/ 500 ante

Robert Hwang   (Barnegat, NJ)

Aaron Massey  (Elmwood Park, IL) raises from the button, and Robert Hwang (Barnegat, NJ) shoves from the small blind.  Massey calls.

Massey:  A7
Hwang:   A5 

Board rolls out 109Q105and Hwang spikes the 5 on the river to double up his stack to about 150k.