Thursday, January 31, 2013

Event 23 Recap

$200 + $30 Big Stack No Limit Hold'em (Re-Entry) 

Congratulations to our winner Eric Tal (Atlantic City, NJ) who takes down a whopping $35,199 after beating Raymond Morgan (New York, NY) in one hand of heads up.

The hand of the tournament he'll never forget was when he was short stacked with three tables to go and won a QQ vs. AK race.   That chip up cascaded Eric to the final table in good shape.  Then at the final table another key flip came when Eric's 3-3 won against Anthony Maio's K-Q.

"This is actually the first real tournament I ever played in" said the local Atlantic City Community College accounting student.  "My friend I drove here with also made it to the final table".   Eric was referring to James Ross who finished in 8th Place earning $4,172.

The tournament kicked off in the Event Center at 11AM and finished in the Poker Room at 8AM.

Event 23 was a big stack tournament so players began with a comfortable 20,000 chips.  It was also a $75,000 guarantee which was toppled with a huge $156,400 prize pool.

Amongst the 782 entries was a field of familiar faces including Mickey Woll, Don Brown, David Heck, Lana O'Brien, and Wendy Freedman just to name a few.  Borgata regular Eric "Clownfish" Doerr was the chipleader once the bubble broke and ended up cashing for $804 in 26th Place.

WPT poker millionaire Anthony Licastro (Long Valley, NJ) made the final two tables and took home $1,896 for 12th Place. 

But once again, the winner of the Event 23 trophy and $35,199 was Borgata newbie, Eric Tal who quietly stormed the final table and ended up in the top spot making an incredible return on his $230 investment.

Final Table
1. Eric Tal (Atlantic City, NJ) - $35,199
2. Raymond Morgan (New York, NY) - $20,481
3. John Kirsch (Neptune, NJ) - $12,516
4. Mark Felcon (Brooklyn, NY) - $10,316
5. Anthony Maio (Jamison, PA) - $8,344
6. Charles Lee (Scotch Plains, NJ) - $6,827
7. Arnie Fried (Fort Lauderdale, FL) - $5,461
8. James Ross (Jersey City, NJ) - $4,172
9. Jesse Elliot (Voorhees, NJ) - $2,882
10. Anthanasios Diakos (Jersey City, NJ) - $1,896


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