Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Event 11: The Bariban Has Been Raised

$400 + $50  Six-Max No Limit Hold'em (Re-Entry)   

William Bariban - 350,000

Now at table 1 is William Bariban (Brooklyn, NY).  He's climbed from obscurity all the way up to being amongst the chip leaders.  All thanks to pocket eights.

In back to back hands Bariban held wired eights and both time they proved to be gggggr8!

First 88 held up vs. AK suited.  Then William's 88's were behind against Opponent's 99's.  It took a miracle case 8 on the river to give Bariban the hand and monster scoop.

After I took William's picture he said he'd be signing autographs tomorrow from 7-12.

Table 3 has broken up.  That leaves 18 players or 3 tables of 6.

Play will end at 2am then redraw and continuation tomorrow.

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