Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Event 11: Cupcake Wars

$400 + $50  Six-Max No Limit Hold'em (Re-Entry)

 I'm So Frosted

I have to say this is the first edible card protector I've ever seen.  So here's the story behind John Hinds cupcake marker.  He returned from dinner and it was simply sitting there.  Hmmmm.

John suspected that it came from May Siu who took a big pot away from him before dinner.

May Q 10 vs. John's K10

Board:  K♠ 8 2 K A

At the conclusion of the hand John joke with May, "I think I deserve your dinner voucher for that one".  So instead of treating for dinner, May extended an olive branch in the form of a cupcake.

In a short period of time John has grown attached to his marker especially since he's been winning with it.  In fact, he's vowed to only eat the cupcake once he's busted - even if he wins and the tournament goes to the end of Day 2.

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