Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Event 10: 3rd Place - Petrucci-Holes

$350 + $50 + $100 Black Chip Bounty NLH (Re-Entry)

 Kelly Petrucci-Holes (Uniontown, PA)

Blinds 40k/80k/10k ante

Kelly Petrucci-Holes is poised to be heads up for the title when the turn card cripples her stack.

On a flop of 3♣ 7♠ 9♠ Petrucci-Holes bets 350k, Michael Matrone moves all in for nearly 800k.
Pertucci-Holes tank calls and is ahead.

Petrucci-Holes: 9♣ 10♣ (pair of 9s)
Matrone: K♣ 7♣ (pair of 7s)

Turn: 7 (Matrone trip 7s)

River: X

Matrone gets the double-up, while Petrucci-Holes is blinded down. She ships her last 300k with AK against Matrone's A 10, but again it's the turn card that does Petrucci-Holes in when a ten ends her day.

Petrucci-Holes is a Borgata irregular, meaning she's played here for years and travels from Western Pennsylvania to AC when she can.

Petrucci-Holes is a "mama" of two children Jorja and Jessie and had her "mama" Kathy on the rail.  Her husband Clint was at Borgata last and will be here next week as the family EZ Pass is getting quite a work out.

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