Friday, January 18, 2013

Event 1: 10 Million Chip Man

$500 + $60 Big Stack No Limit Hold'em (Re-Entry)

 Abi-Yaghi (left), Johnson (right) with Mike Borovetz in Between

Austen Johnson (Greensboro, NC) and Tanios Abi-Yaghi (Toms River, NJ) mix it up in the largest pot of the tournament and Abi-Yaghi is now the chip leader with 10 million.

Blinds 60k/120k/20k ante

Abi-Yaghi begins the hand with 5 million chips and raises to 225k, Johnson (~7 million) calls from the button.

Flop 9♠ 7♠ 3x

Abi-Yaghi bets 300k
Johnson makes it 850k
Abi-Yaghi three-bets to 1.85 million
Johnson moves all in for Abi-Yaghi's last 3 million, Abi-Yaghi calls.

Abi-Yaghi: AA
Johnson: 77 (set of 7s)

Turn: A

River: X

Abi-Yaghi's set on the turn gives him the 10 million chip pot and knocks Johnson down to 2 million.

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