Sunday, January 20, 2013

Event 8: One, Two Punch

$260 + $40 Ladies Deep Stack No Limit Hold'em (Re-Entry) 

Man down!  All the ladies in the tournament applauded and celebrated when one of the remaining male players was knocked out.  It took two blows to finish him off.

Punch 1:  Angela Miranda (Beth Page, NY) has A K vs. Villain's 6 6 .

Both players love the flop and all the chips go in the middle with Angela at risk.  Miranda hits her flush and zooms up to 250,000.

Villain is steaming so on the very next hand...

Punch 2:  Keiko Lim (Japan) calls Villain's shove.  She tables KK and Villain flips K-10, drawing very thin.

Board runs cleanly with 5-2-3-Q-9 - not even a sweat.

Angela & Keiko - Manslayers!

As a reward for knocking out the Villain, Angela and Keiko each received some SWAG (t-shirts) from High Heels Poker Tour and PMS Pokerwear.

As soon as things settled down, someone from the rail shouted, "One down, and one to go!"

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