Thursday, January 31, 2013

Championship: End of Day 3 Chip Counts

$3300 + $200 WPT Borgata Winter Poker Open Championship NLH

Name-Chip Count

Yung Hwang 3.039 million (150 bb)
Jeremy Druckman 2.598 million
Sam Taylor 2.39 million
Taylor Paur 2.080 million
Ryan Paluf 1.63 million
Joe Serock 1.578 million
Mark Wahba 1.49 million
Russell Crane 1.477 million
Mike Gogliormella 1.173 million
AVERAGE STACK 1.1 million (55 bb)
Anthony Zinno 1.012 million
Mark Sykes 974k
Joe Brattole 959k
Jeremy Stein 891k
Matt Haugen 883k
Hung Truong 858k
Cuong Phung 854k
Jim Anderson 853k
Patrick Chan 844k
Jamie Kerstetter 754k
Arkadiy Tsinis 660k
Adam Cook 643k
Mike Shklover 637k
Nathan Tuthill 634k
Chris Reslock 594k
Matt Salsberg 567k
Joe DiMartino 411k
Matthew Diehl 407k
Gary Horn 252k (13 bb)

Play resumes 12 pm Thursday in the Poker Room with blinds beginning at 10k/20k/2k ante

Check back after 9 am for the Day 3 Table Draw 

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