Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Event 22: Final Table Set

$400 + $50 No Limit Hold'em (Re-Entry)

Final Table

Kevin McColgan (Douglassville, PA) runs into chipleader Tony Antonious who is buzz-sawing through player after player.

Tony's A-J holds up vs. Kevin's K-9 suited.  McColgan picked flopped a flush draw but faded the turn and river.  With McColgan's 11th Place finish for $1,165 the remaining 10 players have new seat assignments at the final table.

Seat - Name - Location
1.Tony Ruberto (Boston, MA)
2. Andrew Gilenl (Bronx, NY)
3. Tony Antonious (Redington Shores, FL)
4. Geoge Cain (Kings Park, NY)
5. Greg Kolo (Rocky River, OH)
6. Abraham Mevorah (Staten Island, NY)
7. Gary Wong (New York, NY)
8. John Iraj (Garden City, NY)
9. Daniel Gordon (Brick, NJ)
10. Scott "Zeke" McCurdy (Charlotte, NC)

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