Saturday, January 26, 2013

Event 19: 1st Place - Shamshoum

$350 + $50 Deep Stack No Limit Hold'em (Re-Entry)

Diana Shamshoum - (Montreal, Canada)

Big win for Diana Shamshoum who is not only the Last Woman Standing, but the Last Person Standing.  Diana wins 1st Place and takes home the Borgata trophy plus $55,260.

She was very excited about winning the trophy and taking down her first win ever at Borgata.

Diana's husband, George was on the rail rooting faithfully.  Ironically, George and Diana were seated at the same table when the tournament started a mere 21 hours ago.  Diana thanked her hubby for being a great poker mentor.  She also thanked her brother Richard who's teaching and training was most important to her poker growth and success.

"I was down to 9,000 and came back by making some crazy calls that somehow worked out" said Diana.  Aces at the final table also helped when she knocked out Robert Midgette (Long Island) in 4th Place.

Diana says hi to the Playground Poker Club and Snakes Poker Club, both in Montreal.  Other cashes for Diana include: 34th in the WPT Montreal Event and 2nd in a Playground Poker Club Event.

Pretty good for having only been playing poker for 3 years.

Tonight was ladies night and it was Diana Shamshoum's night.  Congratulations once again!

George & Diana

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