Friday, January 25, 2013

Event 18: Three for Couden

$1000 + $90 Six-Max No Limit Hold'em (Re-Entry) 

Level 11 - Blinds: 600/1200/ 200 ante

Hand 1:  The player in seat 6 puts out a bet on a 2Q7 flop from the cutoff.  Joseph Couden (Blacklick, OH) is in the big blind and re-pops it to 6700.

The cutoff player then puts in a four bet min-raise of another ~6K.  Couden then mulls it over a few moments before placing out a fifth bet of ~12K into the middle.  At that point the player in the cutoff says "if I call this, I wouldn't know what to do on the turn..." and hesitantly pushes his cards in.  Couden takes the pot.

Hand 2:  Matt Affleck raises to 2700 from the cutoff.  Couden then three bets to 5800 from the small blind.  Affleck mulls it over a few seconds before releasing his hand.

Hand 3:  Couden puts in a small raise on the button.  The big blind shoves, Couden makes the call.
Big Blind:  55
Couden:  A8

We're off to the races, but an Ace hits right on the flop.  Couden's pair of Aces on the flop holds up, besting the pocket fives of his opponent, eliminating him from the tournament.  Couden wins 3 consecutive pots, eliminates 1 player, and has over 150K to his stack.

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