Saturday, February 2, 2013

Event 25: Leave Brittany Alone

$170 + $30 Deep Stack No Limit Hold'em (Re-Entry)

Cards and chips are flying at the final table still looking for their first bust-out.

Looked like it might be Brittany Havern (Long Island) who pushed in her last 110,000 pre-flop and got two callers.

Marty Weinfeld (Brooklyn, NY) and Robert Boyko (Yonkers, NY) build up a monster side pot on a flop of 7-2-2.

With Brittany already all in at-risk, Marty goes all in and Robert calls.

Brittany tables J-J.
Robert tables 10-10.
Marty tables 9-9,

Turncard Q and River 3 gives Brittany the triple up to 350,000 and Robert the monster double-up to 1,800,000 and the chiplead.

Marty shakes his head and has to re-build his now short stack of 200,000.

Guys and Brittany are on a ten minute break while 1000 Orange are crushed off the table.

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