Saturday, February 2, 2013

Event 25: 4th Place - Snuffer

$170 + $30 Deep Stack No Limit Hold'em (Re-Entry)

Cotton Snuffer - (Milton, WV)

Robert Zybura (Catskills, NY) takes out two birds with one stone.  Zybura has AA vs. Robert Boyko (Yonkers, NY) who has 10-10 and Iverson "Cotton" Snuffer who has A-K.  All three are all in pre-flop but Zybura has everyone covered.

Players stand and watch the board fall 5-Q-9-Q-5

Zybura cheers his double knock-out.  Cotton started the hand with less chips than Boyko and thus takes 4th Place.

Cotton says hi and thanks to his wife Jamie and his children.  "I'd also like to thank my Lord Jesus Christ for allowing me to play, and for watching over me and my family" said Cotton.

Check out Cotton on TV the weeks of Feb. 14th and 21st as he finished 4th on the Heartland Poker Tour Main Event which will be televised.  Hmmm, also 4th here tonight.

He's also working on his autobiography and screenplay which documents his true-life story as one of the best poker cheaters and sleight of hand men in the world (back when poker was poker).

Cotton played a bunch of Event during the 2013 Borgata Winter Poker Open and was running into a rash of bad beats at bad times.  He said to himself he didn't want to leave Borgata on a bad note and so gave himself one more fighting chance in today's tournament, determined to go deep.

"I'm a fighter" said Cotton who takes home $4,601 for his 4th Place finish.  Congratulations!

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