Monday, January 21, 2013

Event 10: Bounties Be Busted

$350 + $50 + $100 Black Chip Bounty NLH (Re-Entry)       

These folks have busted out and were kind enough to report their demise via Twitter.  Keep those tweets coming!!   #BWPO

christopher larrea ‏@itschrisnow
Card dead and rivered sums up my day bye bye borgata heading home

Marguerite Spagnuolo ‏@mmmmarguerite
Out. 66>33<AQ. Ace on the river. #F.M.L. #BWPO

Kevin Saul ‏@BeL0WaB0Ve
Busted today's bounty in 3 way 60k pot. Didn't get it in very good

Amanda Musumeci ‏@TheReaLMander
Busted. Cya tmrw. Gg n gl!

Eli Loewenthal ‏@Eli_Loewenthal
Bust. Lose a standard 70/30 for 50bb pot #badnews Izakayas on Mondays #goodnews

Ryan Eriquezzo ‏@RyanEriquezzo
Flush under flush to bust. Global everyone

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