Sunday, January 27, 2013

Championship: Early Birds

$3300 + $200 WPT Borgata Winter Poker Open Championship NLH
             $2 MILLION GUARANTEED

31 tables are running already this morning with plenty of time for late registation (through level six).

Early birds in action here in the Event Center:
Neville Darrell
Vitaly Kovyazin
Darren Elias
Mike Delvecchio
Michael Borovetz
Mickey Woll
Joe Gibbons
Dwyte Pilgrim
Alex Queen
Matt Affleck
Mike Summers
Dave Sanders
Thomas Hoglund
Roman Valerstein
Ray Shackelford
Ed Corrado
Lee Childs
Todd Terry
Action Bob Hwang
Terry Grimes
Tim Reilly
Jerry Payne
Nancy Todd
Alex Bolotin
Roland Israelashvili
Natale Kuey
Jared Jaffee
Ari Engel
Jason Evans
Allen Kessler
Joe Cappuccio
Bob Santilli
James St. Hilaire
Feming Chan
Dan Buzgon
Jeremy 'the Big Dog' Brown
Brock Parker
John Lakatosh
Scott Baumstein
Shawn Cunix
Jonathan Little
Dave Stefanski
John Moore
Greg Fishberg
Shannon Shorr
Chris Reslock
Ryan D'Angelo
Amanda Musumeci
Ken Silberstein
Christine Brewer
Tyler Patterson
Joe DeGeorge


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